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Alternatives to 3rings going forward

The 3rings service stopped on March 1st 2019.

Since our announcement we worked with a range of organisations to find an alternative to using 3rings.

Since 3rings was a unique solution so finding a single solution that met the needs of all our customers was very challenging and so we found three alternative solutions for you to choose from.

Each alternative solution has its merits the document below provides you with the details you need to help you decide.

The three options are:
1) Clever Contact from Alertacall  – endorsed by Dame Esther Rantzen.

Clever Contact  is a special telephone with a big ‘I am OK’ button that your loved one presses each day to say they are OK. If your loved one doesn’t press the button when expected then the Clever Contact response team will call your loved ones several times to check then call you if no response is obtained. Great for loved ones who would prefer not to wear a device.

2) Canary Care – Sensors that check on activity of daily life

Similar to the 3rings Plug and its IoT Sensors, Canary Care uses small motion sensors that will monitor for activity and based upon the rules you create will let you know if no activity has been detected during specific times. This is a great replacement for our IoT users or Plug users especially where they may be suffering from dementia.

3) 24/7Personal Alarm Service: with Medical Support and Medication Information helplines from PPP Taking Care

Over 51,000 older adults trust PPP Taking Care’s personal alarm service. It helps them remain independent and live safely in the homes they love.

The service provides security and peace of mind at the press of a button, 24 hours day, 7 days a week. This gives families and loved ones the reassurance that someone is always there in an emergency. It can be a real lifesaver, and 98.5% of calls are answered within 60 seconds.

The service uses a pendant alarm, which your loved one can wear around their neck or wrist. When the button on the pendant is pressed, they’re quickly connected to PPP Taking Care’s UK response centre. The trained team will call nominated contacts, such as family members or neighbours. If necessary, they’ll call the emergency services.

The unique service also provides expert support through medical and medication information helplines. If you or your loved one have a question about pills and prescriptions, you can quickly speak to a qualified nurse or pharmacist.

The following provides details of each solution and the special deal for our customers and the contact details to arrange an alternative to 3rings.

Quick Note:

For your specific needs then choosing a combination, of say,  Clever Contact and PPP Taking Care or even Canary Care and PPP Taking Care may be a better solution for your loved ones.

You are not limited to just one solution.

So looking at each option in detail:

Option 1 Clever Contact from Alertacall

How does it work?

  • Your loved one will be sent a special phone which works on their landline (UK Only).  You can use this either as well as your current phone or instead of your current phone.
  • The ‘OKEachDay button’ is then pressed once or twice a day at a time of loved one’s choosing. It’s free to press, only takes a second and they can then get on with their day.
  • Otherwise your loved one will receive a friendly call from the OKEachDay team at the times you have chosen or soon after to ask how your loved ones are, for example at 9am.
  • To protect their independence your loved one may also get an automated call a few minutes before your chosen time as a reminder to press the ‘OKEachDay button’.
  • If after several attempts the OKEachDay team  can’t establish contact with your loved one, then the OKEachDay team will phone your nominated friends and family members simply to let them know.
  • Your loved ones can call OKEachDay for free 365 days a year – to talk, let them know they need a holiday from the service, or to change any preferences.
  • The service can be used to set up reminders, for example for doctors appointments
  • There is no need for your loved one to wear a device
  • You can optionally get a message each day when your loved one has press the OK button.

The Deal

Normal price for Clever Contact is £35 for the self-install phone then £15.99 (inc VAT) per month.

Existing 3rings customers who change to Clever Contact before the 1st March 2019 then the deal would be:

  • Self-Install Phone provided free of charge
  • Monthly subscription to be £10 (ex VAT) or £12 (inc VAT) until 1st March 2020 then it will revert to £15.99 per month
  •  For customers who have remaining subscriptions left with 3rings then the monthly payment will not start until the 3rings subscription concludes. That means you don’t pay anything further until your new subscription was due to start.

Who to contact

If you wish to switch to the Clever Contact service then please:

Call 0808 208 1234 and say you would like to switch to Clever Contact with the special 3rings deal.

Then email to let us know when you want the 3rings service and subscription to  stop.

2) Canary Care – Sensors that check on activity of daily life

This option is probably the closest to how 3rings currently works and is a definite must for existing IoT 3rings users.

How does it work?

  • Discrete small white motion sensors are placed on the wall in say the kitchen or the lounge  which are very easy to install. No need for wires or wifi.

  • The information is sent to your Canary Care portal. The sensors are battery powered and the hub uses mobile data to send the information

  • Log in to see your loved one’s daily routine and be reassured at a glance. Set rules to receive notifications via text and/or email prompting you to get in touch to check everything’s okay
  • There is also the option to set up calling circles to share the care with family, friends and carers.
  • Monitor as much or as little as you like – There are no microphones or cameras. You can also be assured that all data communicated between the sensors, hub and portal is securely encrypted.
  • Will work in Europe but check with Canary Care for coverage

The Deal

Normally, a Basic Canary Care hub with four sensors costs either  at low up  front cost of £118.80 (inc VAT) then £31.20/month(inc VAT) (min 12 months ) or alternatively a low monthly cost with an up front cost of £298.80(inc VAT) then £19.20/month (inc VAT).

For 3rings existing customers who transfer to Canary Care before 1st March 2019 then the options available are:
  • Single sensor package – ideal to replace  3rings plug only system
    – No up-front cost – Monthly subscription £13.00 per month ex-VAT (£15.60 inc VAT) min. 12 months
  • Multi sensor package – 3 Motion Sensors – ideal to replace 3rings IOT sensors
    – No up-front cost – Monthly subscription £17.00 per month ex-VAT (£20.40 inc VAT) min. 12 months

Additional sensors can be added to either of the above packages for an extra £2 (ex-VAT) per month per sensor (£2.40 inc VAT). A maximum of 10 sensors can be supported and they can be motion and/or door sensors

1) Outstanding 3rings subscription periods cannot be transferred to this option due to the significant discounts.
2) All Equipment to be returned when the contract is brought to an end.

Who to contact

If you wish to switch to the Canary Care service then please:

Call 01865 408366 or email
In either case,  mention that you are a 3rings customer who is interested in Canary Care 3rings offer and how many sensors you want, 1, 3 or more.

Then email to let us know when you want the 3rings service and subscription to  stop.

Option 3) 24/7 Personal Alarm Service: with Medical Support and Medication Information helplines from PPP Taking Care

PPP Taking Care helps over 51,000 people stay independent and well in the homes they love. Their package includes a 24/7 personal alarm service and two helplines that provide medical support and medication information.

99% of PPP Taking Care’s customers say they like the security of knowing someone is always there. 96% say they would not be without the service.

How does the personal alarm work?

The pendant alarmcan be worn discreetly as a wristband or around the neck. It is easy to use and reliable:

  • When the alarm button is pressed, it quickly contacts PPP Taking Care’s 24-hour UK response centre
  • The response team knows who your loved one is, and where they live. They have access to any medical information you have shared. This helps them provide the response and service required.
  • The response team will talk with your loved one using the alarm’s speaker. They are trained to provide help and advice. If necessary, they will call the nominated contacts or emergency services.
  • If your loved one is unable to speak, the response team will know where they are calling from. So they can get support to them very quickly.

The service provides 24/7 support, even at times when you or other family members may be unable to respond.

  • There are no complicated requirements. All you need is a telephone landline and a mains electricity socket within 10 feet of each other for the alarm base unit (UK only).
  • There are no hidden charges. If you change your mind, you can cancel within 14 days of purchase.
  • The pendant alarm is water resistant and can be worn in the bath or shower. The alarm base unit has a high quality two-way speaker that is audible from different rooms in the house.
  • Additional pendants, monitored sensors and detectors are also available from PPP Taking Care for extra support around the home.

The medical supportand medication information helplinesare free to call and in strictest confidence.

Our qualified nurses can put you or your loved one’s mind at rest on:

  • New or existing health conditions
  • What to expect when facing an operation or treatment
  • How to manage symptoms.

Our trained pharmacists can also provide a range of advice including:

  • Helping you manage multiple prescriptions, and when and how to take them
  • Reviewing medications, to ensure there is no clash between multiple prescriptions
  • Understanding potential side effects.

PPP Taking Care have been providing personal alarm services for over 30 years and are audited annually by the Telecare Services Association.

The deal

The normal cost for the PPP Taking Care personal alarm service with the medical and medication information helpline is:

  • One-off fee for registration £69, then
  • £16.98 per month subscription for the 24/7 personal alarm service and helplines.

Existing 3rings customers who wish to transfer to PPP Taking Care before 1st March 2019 will get a:

  • Half price registration fee £34.50
  • Lower monthly subscription fee of £16.19

Delivery is free of charge.

Who to contact

If you wish to switch to the PPP Taking Care personal alarm  service:

  • Please call 0800 023 4050 and tell them you would like to switch to the 3rings deal.
  • Then email to let us know when you want the 3rings service and subscription to stop.

Note: Outstanding 3rings subscription periods cannot be transferred to this option. Prices exclude VAT. If you, or the person who you are purchasing the alarm service for, are chronically sick or disabled then you may not have to pay VAT on your personal alarm service.

And Finally

We have been honoured to be able to help you and your family over the years. Thanks so much for your support. We hope that one of the above solutions can help you going forward. Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at anytime at

After a journey of 6 years…

Dear Customer,

It is with great regret and sadness that we have to inform you that we will be bringing the 3rings Care Plug and Internet of Things sensor service to a close.

After a journey of 6 years we have taken this decision because the technology adoption within the Social Care market is extremely slow moving, which means that we are not able to attain a sustainable business model that would give the quality, and daily operational support that we believe is the minimum we would expect to deliver, to look after you, our customers.

Our customers including individuals, regional council’s and housing association’s that use 3rings as a safety net of care, are very important to us and this is the reason why we haven’t waited until the last moment to notify you of our decision.

With this in mind, we will be doing two things:-

  1. We will maintain support for the 3rings care service, including the Plug and IOT sensors platform until Friday 1st March 2019, so there is still plenty of time to setup something else to look after your loved ones.
  2. Because of your fantastic support over the years our intent is to come back to you within the next 6-8 weeks with a range of options to continue providing care for your loved ones. We do not know what form these options will have at the moment as we are in talks with a range of suppliers to ensure the best and most suitable options.

Depending upon your subscription period there may be a financial implications, as follows:

  1. If you pay monthly, this will continue until you cancel or until 1st March 2019
    (we take subscriptions monthly in arrears)
  2. If you have a 12 month or 24 month subscription which expires before 1st March 2019 then when your subscription expires you will be offered an on-going monthly subscription at £12 a month until we close the service.
  3. If you have a 12 month or 24 month subscription that still is ‘live’ after 1st March 2019 we are looking to include any outstanding periods against future recommendations.
  4. If your subscription is out of date or you have an unpaid trial beyond 4 weeks then every little helps us keep the service going please contact and she will set up your £12 a month subscription until we close.

The 3rings team strongly believe in the world of IoT sensors and true digital solutions to provide a safety net of care, 3rings has always evangelised this as our goal, we know that digital safety nets of care will change the face of social care in the future.

3rings are immensely proud to have helped so many families and vulnerable people, and to have saved lives through the 3rings service and we are truly sorry to have to deliver this message.

Can I personally thank you for your support for 3rings which made a massive difference and kept us going and we thank you for your understanding and commitment to providing to the safety net of care for your loved ones.

Should you wish to clarify anything or have any comments then please don’t hesitate to contact me directly either by email on or call me on 01260 222853 or my mobile 07899 803555.

I will be back in touch as soon as I can.

Yours sadly


3rings – changing the face of social care.

Steve Purdham, Chairman of 3rings , as winners of this years TSA Driving Digital Challenge explains how ‘Going digital’ has the means to change the face of social care to increase outcomes, quality and safety.

As an industry, we stand at the threshold of a brave new world that can change the face of social care.

‘Going digital’ is NOT just about moving from analogue to digital lines as this will change nothing. It is understandable that this is important because it is an immediate and pending problem with existing analogue Telecare technology but it doesn’t even touch the potential that ‘digital’ really offers.

‘Digital’ is about the new building blocks and services that can create a ‘safety net’ of care that increases outcomes and care quality and does so in a way that keeps our most vulnerable citizens safe.

Words such as Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Personal Assistants and others are thrown about as the answer to all our care needs. But this is just ‘geek’ speak that deflect from the real power. The real power for change comes from ‘Data’ or more correctly from understanding what the data means.

We are being surrounded by all types of hardware/sensors that will generate data about every aspect of our lives. 50 billion IoT devices will be in the market by 2020 and individually we can expect to be monitored by up to three thousand ‘things’ daily. These things will come in all shapes and sizes from add-on sensors to kettles to clothing.

But this hardware will change constantly and so when building your future care systems the more agnostic to hardware you can be the more flexible and ‘future’ proofed your solution will be.

These ‘Things’ provide data but its how you look and use the data that will change social care.

The true value is the patterns the data create, from those patterns it will be possible for systems , such as 3rings, to indicate if this person is OK at the moment or may need help.

By understanding the patterns then ‘big leaps’ in care is possible, having real time cognitive and physical information to support care decisions.

Analysing the patterns will produce Trends which will help care plans become more meaningful and patient centric. The ability to answer questions such as does this person need a Night/Sleep worker, is the increase in activity in the toilet indicating possible UTI’s all will become obvious.

These trends can produce ‘feedback’ loops or ‘nudging ‘ systems, for example if a person is inactive it will be possible to automatically call them and suggest an action, such as go and have a cup of tea.

Beyond trend analysis then the next ‘simple’ step is Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). ML will mine the data looking for patterns that are not always obvious either due to the sheer volume of data or indeed patterns that evolve over time.

ML will be able to look at the data from an individual as well the ‘crowd’ and build potential reactive systems that can predict or suggest outcomes that can be beneficial to individual’s health.

All this is capable of being delivered today but it doesn’t end there with the pending wave of Social robotics (such as Jibo) the ability to create relevant conversation and suggestions that not only can stave off loneliness but also react to the data trends.

So ‘going digital’ is not only about bits of plastic and wires or how the signals get transmitted its about how the data patterns that can be used for increased and better outcomes, better quality care and increased safety for all.

Volunteers required for research into how a ‘smart plug’ could support people living with dementia or Alzheimer’s

A unique research study looking into independent living and support for people with mild dementia is looking to find volunteers in South Yorkshire to be part of the study.

A partnership between Westfield Health, Sheffield Hallam University and the Alzheimer’s Society is calling for people who have been recently diagnosed with dementia and are living independently to take part in the six-month long project.

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Brief Report

3rings care partners with Be Independent Telecare Service in York to launch 3rings Plug service

3rings Care, the pioneer Internet of ‘Things that Care’ business, has launched the first phase of a new service with Be Independent telecare service in York.

3rings Care provides a care support platform and technologies to provide patterns of active living reassurance for families and support for health and social care professionals.

Be Independent is a Social Enterprise Community Interest Company delivering traditional telecare services typically through assessed need.

Download the full case study as a PDF

Technology transforms humble cup of tea into life-saver for South Yorkshire family

Many Brits say they couldn’t live without tea, but for one South Yorkshire family new technology has elevated the humble cuppa to a potentially life-saving beverage.

Every time 92-year-old Lily Hutchinson boils the kettle at her home in Thorne, Doncaster, a plug-in device lets her family know.

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Rachael reviews 3rings

When one of Rachel’s sisters moved to Spain, the family lost having a relative nearby to help support their 93 year old grandmother and knew they needed to change something. Since using the 3rings plug it has helped to improve the whole family dynamic.

Although my grandma is 93, she is so independent and when my sister who lived closer to her moved away it fell to the other three of us, as well as my dad to keep checking up on her. This definitely became frustrating for her, we stopped having real conversations and were just always checking she was eating enough, was drinking enough, feeling OK and so on.

It was all necessary though as she’d fallen a couple of times and had not been found until some while afterwards. So when I heard about 3rings at a work event run by Westfield Health it was like the lightbulb just came on, it was exactly the answer to our situation! The anxiety and concerns had been causing family discord, my dad was really feeling the pressure, but now we just get told every morning and evening she is OK and can subtly check whenever we’re worried about her.

My grandma has actually had two falls since we got the plug and we knew about it almost instantly, I dread to think how long it might have been had it not been for the morning alerts, so I can’t really praise 3rings enough!

Luke reviews 3rings

With Luke Pickering being in London for work, he found himself dealing with the daily anxiety of being over 100 miles away from his mother in their home town of Liverpool. Luke still talks to his mum every evening but 3rings provides him with reassurance each morning that his mum is up and about.

I wasn’t looking for a solution but when I saw 3rings on Dragon’s Den I realised it could really help give me peace of mind. I moved to London a while ago and I’ve got a busy life here. When Dad died Three years ago, I suddenly realised how far away from Mum I was and that I felt so helpless should anything happen to her.

What’s been so rewarding about using the 3rings plug is how much happier Mum is. I knew how anxious the situation was making me but I hadn’t anticipated the peace of mind 3rings would give her too. She’s such a technophobe, the fact that she doesn’t have to do or change a thing makes the product so perfect, it just slots into her routine and daily life, literally!

Thankfully I’ve never had a negative alert other than when she’s been on holiday, but I feel that with the plug in place I have the best chance of reacting as fast as is possible, and that makes us both feel a lot better.

Joan reviews 3rings

3rings provides Joan Pearson with reassurance that her 93 year old mum, who lives alone, is OK. Before using 3rings Joan’s mum was having falls and her family were becoming increasingly worried about her welfare and ability to live independently. Now Joan and her whole family have peace of mind that they can keep track of their loved one and be quick to respond if any behaviour is cause for concern.

I first heard about 3rings through Dragon’s Den back in 2015 and was shouting at the telly, ‘why don’t you fund this?’ Although I didn’t take it further at the time I later remembered 3rings when my 93 year old mum was starting to have falls and Social Services became involved. As my mum’s not too good on the phone, I thought this could be a great way to make sure she’s ok without having to call her all the time. I spoke to my brothers who said go for it.

We’ve been using the plug for a couple of months now and it gives me enormous peace of mind to know that my mum is up and about in the morning. 3rings is connected to her kettle so me, my brother and sister in law all know when she’s had her first cup of tea, and predict when she’ll have her next one. That pattern is really reassuring. If that changed I would think ‘where is she, what has she done?’

I can’t emphasise how reassuring it has been. It’s not a substitute for care it’s just reassurance, one less thing to remember. If I can give this peace of mind to just one other family that would be amazing.