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3rings – changing the face of social care.

Steve Purdham, Chairman of 3rings , as winners of this years TSA Driving Digital Challenge explains how ‘Going digital’ has the means to change the face of social care to increase outcomes, quality and safety.

As an industry, we stand at the threshold of a brave new world that can change the face of social care.

‘Going digital’ is NOT just about moving from analogue to digital lines as this will change nothing. It is understandable that this is important because it is an immediate and pending problem with existing analogue Telecare technology but it doesn’t even touch the potential that ‘digital’ really offers.

‘Digital’ is about the new building blocks and services that can create a ‘safety net’ of care that increases outcomes and care quality and does so in a way that keeps our most vulnerable citizens safe.

Words such as Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Personal Assistants and others are thrown about as the answer to all our care needs. But this is just ‘geek’ speak that deflect from the real power. The real power for change comes from ‘Data’ or more correctly from understanding what the data means.

We are being surrounded by all types of hardware/sensors that will generate data about every aspect of our lives. 50 billion IoT devices will be in the market by 2020 and individually we can expect to be monitored by up to three thousand ‘things’ daily. These things will come in all shapes and sizes from add-on sensors to kettles to clothing.

But this hardware will change constantly and so when building your future care systems the more agnostic to hardware you can be the more flexible and ‘future’ proofed your solution will be.

These ‘Things’ provide data but its how you look and use the data that will change social care.

The true value is the patterns the data create, from those patterns it will be possible for systems , such as 3rings, to indicate if this person is OK at the moment or may need help.

By understanding the patterns then ‘big leaps’ in care is possible, having real time cognitive and physical information to support care decisions.

Analysing the patterns will produce Trends which will help care plans become more meaningful and patient centric. The ability to answer questions such as does this person need a Night/Sleep worker, is the increase in activity in the toilet indicating possible UTI’s all will become obvious.

These trends can produce ‘feedback’ loops or ‘nudging ‘ systems, for example if a person is inactive it will be possible to automatically call them and suggest an action, such as go and have a cup of tea.

Beyond trend analysis then the next ‘simple’ step is Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). ML will mine the data looking for patterns that are not always obvious either due to the sheer volume of data or indeed patterns that evolve over time.

ML will be able to look at the data from an individual as well the ‘crowd’ and build potential reactive systems that can predict or suggest outcomes that can be beneficial to individual’s health.

All this is capable of being delivered today but it doesn’t end there with the pending wave of Social robotics (such as Jibo) the ability to create relevant conversation and suggestions that not only can stave off loneliness but also react to the data trends.

So ‘going digital’ is not only about bits of plastic and wires or how the signals get transmitted its about how the data patterns that can be used for increased and better outcomes, better quality care and increased safety for all.

Volunteers required for research into how a ‘smart plug’ could support people living with dementia or Alzheimer’s

A unique research study looking into independent living and support for people with mild dementia is looking to find volunteers in South Yorkshire to be part of the study.

A partnership between Westfield Health, Sheffield Hallam University and the Alzheimer’s Society is calling for people who have been recently diagnosed with dementia and are living independently to take part in the six-month long project.

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Technology transforms humble cup of tea into life-saver for South Yorkshire family

Many Brits say they couldn’t live without tea, but for one South Yorkshire family new technology has elevated the humble cuppa to a potentially life-saving beverage.

Every time 92-year-old Lily Hutchinson boils the kettle at her home in Thorne, Doncaster, a plug-in device lets her family know.

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One Year on with 3rings Plug

It’s 11.00am. This is the time we have set up the 3rings Plug connected to my elderly mother’s kettle a year ago to send me an updated alert every day. The reassuring message on my Smart Phone tells me mum is up and about and has made her first drink of the day. I will as always, speak to her during the day, but right now it’s telling me that “All’s OK” with mum. No need to worry.

My mum is now “21, four times over” – she’s just had her 84th birthday! She is still very active, drives everywhere, is out every day, never turns down an invitation to go out somewhere and is determined to live life to the full for as long as she is able to. This is such a great attitude, but it also creates worry – what if she falls, what is she breaks down on the motorway – what if, what if?

Over the past 12 months I’ve got used to receiving this daily message from 3rings Plug. It’s reassuring for me, but as mum told me, and more importantly, it’s also very reassuring for her. Because mum knows that by 11.00am if she has not got out of bed and made a cuppa (which is her usual routine), without needing to do anything, I will know about it right away. In fact, on the few occasions when we’ve got the alert that mum had not used the kettle by 11.00, within five minutes either myself or one of my sisters had made contact with her. Thankfully each time, there’s been no problem – mainly mum having a lie in recovering from her social life!

As a franchise owner in the Home Instead Senior Care network, I am fully aware of the challenges older people face and the impact of these on family members and others. Almost all older people would wish to remain at home given the choice, and it’s the combination of factors that can make the “promise of home” a reality. These may include a supportive family, access to health care, and the support of other agencies and organisations like Home Instead.

Technology also plays an increasingly significant role. The 3rings Plug is taking a really simple “let the phone ring 3 times” concept and uses technology to deliver this reassurance to the family every day. It’s simple but so effective, and mum needs do nothing other than switch on her kettle as usual. A great proof statement for me is that a few days ago (due to a problem with my phone and partly my fault!) the system didn’t work for two days. It was an anxious time. It just reminded me how much reassurance I receive from using the 3rings Plug.

3rings Care Business Development Mangers

Both roles have now been filled but we are expanding. If you are interested in changing the face of social care then send us you CV.

The ‘Internet of Things’ is going to change the future of care and 3rings is at the centre of this fantastic opportunity. Due to expansion in its operation, 3rings, is looking for two ambitious BDM’s to join our digital team.

You will be responsible for developing and closing new business sales. This will include prospecting, profiling, networking, cold calling and developing relationships with potential partners leading to profitable new business sales.

Experience in the existing Telecare world is required and we would consider a wide range of business development skills to join our team. However, Passion, enthusiasm and a can do attitude is top of our list of required attributes.

The package with be right for the right person.

So if you really want to change the future of care contact Steve Purdham at with your cv.

Further Details:

First and foremost we want people who are passionate, enthusiastic and are driven to make a difference in the world of care.

As a 3rings BD professional your role will be to engage with all existing Telecare and care channels to educate the market to the power of the 3rings service and platform and build its sales channels.

In addition to passion we would ideally like the candidate to have experience in:

  • Demonstrable experience in profitable Business development
  • Telecare and Care Industry

So if you are outgoing, confident and an organised individual who wants to get in on the ground floor of an amazing opportunity to help people then apply now!


  • Motivating and exciting the existing market with the expectations that the new world of the Internet of Things can do for the world of care.
  • Researching, prospecting and identification of potential new clients and decision makers
  • Networking, including attending industry events and providing feedback
  • Cold Calling
  • Building and developing new client relationships
  • Following up new business opportunities including setting up and attending client meetings
  • Planning, creation and delivery of presentations and pitches to prospective clients
  • Completing and submitting tenders and PQQs
  • Developing cohesive commercial propositions that meet client needs, concerns and objectives
  • Communicating new product, service and market developments to prospective clients
  • Working in conjunction with the Chairman to develop appropriate literature
  • Writing and generating monthly prospecting and progress reports as required
  • Identifying and developing new product and service streams/channels to increase sales
  • Identifying and developing unique product and service differentiators and propositions
  • Ensuring data is accurately input and maintained within relevant CRM/Sales management system
  • Meeting sales targets· Planning and developing a pipeline of new business

Applicant Requirements/Person Specification

  • Passionate, Enthusiastic, confident and driven and likeable individual
  • Excellent written and verbal communicator and networker with strong presentation skills
  • Persuasive and skilled negotiator with strong decision making skills
  • Excellent customer service and client development skills
  • Ability to translate proposals and opportunities into actual sales
  • Must have initiative and the ability to create and articulate compelling, value added propositions
  • Experienced in completing and winning tenders and PQQs, preferably in the voluntary/healthcare sectors
  • Must be target focussed and comfortable working to agreed targets and KPIs
  • Must be numerate and commercially aware with a good understanding of marketing principles
  • Must be logical and capable of following defined processes and procedures
  • Must have good IT skills, be an experienced user of Microsoft Office with experience of other CRM/Pipeline management software
  • Organised and flexible – willing to work with the whole team to provide an excellent service, yet able to work independently and manage their own workload in an efficient manner
  • Accurate and capable of working to daily, weekly and monthly targets
  • Applicant must be positive and enthusiastic and have a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Applicants may be required to undertake a DBS check
  • Would suit an experienced and outgoing business development manager with B2B experience but would consider most people who want to make a difference!

Send CV or call: Steve Purdham, 3rings Chairman, 07899 803555